About PHD

As you might imagine, PortableHealthDevice.com is a relatively new organization with a new approach to medical record keeping. It was founded in 2009 by Jim Pinson because he saw a need, one he discovered from personal experience after suffering from heart problems that required him to visit several different doctors.

Jim found that it was not only a painful waste of his time to have to fill out the necessary paperwork for each visit to each of his doctors, but that there were often times when it was plainly apparent one doctor had no clue what another had already done. He was taking the same tests over and over again, one ordered by one doctor and the other a few weeks later by another doctor. He even had times where his Pharmacist caught what could have been life threatening mistakes when one doctor would prescribe medication that was known to have an ill effect with another prescription he had been issued from another doctor.

This personal experience is where the germ of the idea behind PHD started a few years ago.

Since these early days Jim has had the occasion to speak with others who have had similar experiences. He has also talked with parents of autistic children and children of alzheimer stricken parents. All have given him a high vote of confidence to proceed forward with the idea because while it is a simple concept, it will also be quite useful.

This brings us up to 2009, when Jim and his wife Kim started to assemble a small team of software developers, friends, healthcare professionals and emergency medical technicians to discover what everyone needed and then to build what has become PHD. Now it is time to unleash these new ideals on the world, in the process making high quality healthcare less costly.


Working to make high quality, low cost healthcare the norm.