Taking Electronic Medical Records to the next level

All those involved in the healthcare field are well aware of the natural progression to move away from paper records and towards electronic records. Everyone is using some type of electronic billing system. Many are utlizing electronic prescription services. A fair number are already saving patient medical history in an electronic form.

This is all great, but can end up being more work for lower profits since each is a separate service that requires data entry. And at the end of the day it still doesn't provide either doctors or emergency medical technicias with a complete picture for any patient who sees more than one doctor.

One of the larger advantages of PHD, aside from being completely portable and universally compatible, is that it closes the loop. If one of your patients sees a doctor other than yourself, their diagnosis, tests and treatment become a part of the patients permanent medical record via PHD. The next time this patient pays you an office visit you will immediately have the information available to you via their PHD device.

One of the goals we have is to reduce redundancy. This is true not only for the patients, but also for their physicians. Our aim is to allow PHD to function seamless with as many other electronic data systems you may already have in place as possible. With the hope being to reduce work load in your office, while also providing healthcare professionals with an additional revenue source.


Electronic Medical Records are here to stay. Now it's time to make EMR's more efficient and effective to use